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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Personal GPS

Many people at this time of year take time out of their busy life to sit down and make a list of resolutions. Some they keep and some they don't because they are not very realistic. I don't do resolutions, but this year I came up with my personal GPS. It is not a list of rules. It is a global positioning system so that I don't loose my way in this gigantic world.

Express gratitude for all gifts big and small.

Follow my intuition.

Only do what makes me happy.

Be kind to myself.

Believe in my gifts and talents.

Look for Universal signs.

Take risks and have fun.

Use every opportunity to spread love.

Always be open to learn something new.

Seek like minded people.

That about does it. If I follow my personal GPS I should have no problem peacefully traveling from here to there in the time frame allotted by my Creator.

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