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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Your Inner Circle

Once in a while something pops up on a friend's blog/website that I just can't help passing on. This happened yesterday when I watched a short video presented by relationship coach, Lisa Merlo-Booth, on Lines of Beauty. The message was very powerful and one everyone looking for a peaceful life should hear.

It was in part:
"It is a privilege to be in your inner circle and only those who treat you well get to enter and remain in that circle."~Lisa Merlo-Booth

In my opinion, life gives you enough "stuff" to deal with, you don't have to add putting up with abusive, mean spirited, ungrateful souls whose main purpose is to suck up your positive energy. These people are living their lives based on their ego and will never be vibrational matches for anyone living a soul based life.

Time to clean out your closet and make room for those who truly know what love and respect mean. The world is made up of a lot of people and you don't need to allow them all into your "special" inner circle.

(Thanks Louise I hope you don't mind my sharing this important message.)

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