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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Special Friend

Today’s post is dedicated to a special friend, Marc Hollis. He and I met through a writing site over a year ago and our relationship has grown ever since. It surprised both of us that we have so much in common because there is a generation gap. Marc is a year younger than my oldest son.

About this time last year Marc was involved in an online activity using one word to describe each of his friends. For me he chose enlightened. This little (big) word acted as a catalyst for me to look in my mirror and see what he saw. I believe my word for Marc was loving. He is a very caring young man.

Marc lives in the United Kingdom and has partial custody of his adorable daughter, Mia. She is the love of his life and a little younger than my grandson, Colin. Marc also eats sleeps and breaths trance music, which he has done his best to interest me in. Actually, I found I do like most of it, which surprised me- a lot.

My special friend also loves to write poetry and shares it on his Facebook wall. I do admit that some of his poems I don’t quite get, but keep in mind the generation difference. Today he shared a piece that I consider beautiful, honest and touching. I believe it is one of his best efforts and it is my pleasure to share it with my readers. Please enjoy and connect with him if he sounds like someone you too would like as a friend.

The Discovery of Hands

which touched you,
sent your scent,
to my brain,
along narrow corridors,
and close, dark tunnels.

which felt you,
touched me in return,
and relayed the softness,
in signals,
and synapses,
electricity without arc,
without the spark.

which beat,
and journeyed to me by blood,
through me,
my fingers,
my hands,

And yours.

Marc R. Hollis,
AKA: Marco Van Der Vroom


  1. Thank you my dear, dear friend for such a touching tribute. I am pleased you like this poem that much to include it in your blog, but believe me, I am certain there will be more just as good, if not better to come.
    XxX <3

  2. You are very welcome Marc. Now that I know about the inspiration for the poem I can understand why I felt "pure love" behind the words you chose to use. <3