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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gifts of Hope

There are many different ways to give at this time of year. Personally I am getting weary of viewing all the packages under people's trees. Whatever happened to the old fashioned Christmas when you got one very special gift, often hand made with love? It is my belief that most of today's children get way too much. Of course there are the exceptions who receive nothing and they are the ones I feel compassion for.

This year I found a special organization called "Plan America" that really touched my heart. There were a couple of people that I wanted to give a gift to, just so they knew I cared about them, but an ordinary gift purchased or made just wouldn't fit my purpose this year.

Then I found Plan USA and their Gifts of Hope. This organization was founded in 1937 by journalist John Langdon-Davies to provide food, accommodations and education for children whose lives had been disrupted by the Spanish Civil War.

Today Plan works in 48 developing countries. It has one million sponsors in 18 donor countries, helping over one million children all over the world. There are many ways to help the organization including sponsoring a child. What caught my eye were the gifts of hope, ranging in value from $10 to over $500. They may be given in memory or to honor someone.

Absolutely perfect for my needs. For the female on my list, whose goal is to be a teacher,I chose classroom essentials for one child. For the male, who has raised three children, I chose three baby chicks. These two gifts will provide not only education, but eventually a source of income for a child.

It made my heart feel so good that for so little I could do so much. Why don't you join me in giving a gift of hope?

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