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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eliminate the Crap

Being a part of "new age" thinkers, I believe that with Universal assistance, we choose our challenges before we emerge in human form. This simple fact explains why it sometimes seems that our experiences are unjust. They are simply a means to the end, so that our soul may evolve. I have come to believe that my main life challenge is to cut out the crap and find love.

I remember an activity often played at group picnics my family attended. The game was sifting through a big pile of straw to find scattered coins (usually pennies) deposited by the adults. The payoff wasn't all that great, but the act of digging was a lot of fun.I have realized that life is a lot like that game, only the payoff is much more important.

Getting rid of things we don't need, both material and psychological allows us to see who we really are. How can you find your true self if you are deeply buried in a pile of crap? We carry with us unnecessary anger, blame, resentment and jealousy. Some of it we allow others to dump on us and some we pile on ourselves. It doesn't matter how it got there. What matters is what are you going to do about it?

I suggest right now, on this December day, before another year rolls around is an excellent time to start digging and eliminate the crap from your life. When you finish you will find that you truly love the soul who is holding the shovel!! Happy digging.:>)


  1. *grabs shovel and starts digging*

    Here's to 2011 :-)

  2. See I don't always write nice!!
    2011 has got to be better so keep digging Jimbo!

  3. Excellent post, BG!

  4. Thank you Nancy I appreciate your input!!