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Sunday, December 26, 2010


It is finally the day after Christmas and I survived. I wonder was this a final test that I passed? I know Source/God has a sense of humor, but this is ridicules. I have not had communication (in person) with anyone since Friday morning. It reminds me of the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks, stranded on a desert island, with nobody to talk to except a volleyball with a face drawn on it. Imagination is a wonderful gift that can keep us from going crazy.

Sometimes when life does not work out the way we expect it to our only option is to imagine it the way we want it to be. If we can find a tiny spark of love we can build it into a humongous flame that would light up any world. It doesn't matter if anyone else can see what we see. Love isn't something that can be seen- it just is.

When you can feel love in your heart, even when nobody else is around, you know you are a whole, well balanced human being. You will be just fine; no matter what the Universe has in store for you.

This less than perfect Christmas taught me to keep on imagining until the love I feel in my heart manifests my fondest dreams.


  1. Well said Barbara. Christmas is usually an excuse to over indulge. That is normally ok, but it seems that people are going a little too far these days. I have had a simple Christmas myself, but due mostly to necessity. Not having the funds to lavish on gifts and food has made it a little more manageable and simpler, and nicer for it. The love I get from Mia all year and also at Christmas is magnified tenfold when the extraneous trappings of the festivities are lessened. Her gratitude and love stands out more, with less to distract me.

    Love reading your tales on this wild and wacky world. Keep it up.


  2. I'm glad your Christmas turned out well Marc. I knew they would! How could they not with your adorable Mia in your life!!

  3. Barbara,

    What a beautiful expression of the love of self during this holiday time.
    When we have love in our heart, nothing can penetrate through that feeling because it belongs to Only You!

  4. Thank You Maria, glad you found the path to comment "on" my blog!
    I believe it was a necessary test to see if I have learned the lessons that have been offered through others. I'd say I have. Yay!!!

  5. Hi, Barbara,

    I read through each of your Christmas blogs and I feel for you at this time. You are of pure heart and soul and I sincerely wish 2011 brings about miraculous changes. Be well, my friend.

  6. Thank you James. I hope you showered your mother with extra special love during your Christmas break. You just never know what lies in the future.
    I hope 2011 brings you the love you deserve.XX