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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Way Ahead

This evening I am very pleased with myself. I looked around and decided that I am way ahead of most people, 18 days before Christmas. Many people are already in so much debt it will take months to clear it off the books. They are still rushing around trying to find the perfect gifts. Not me, says I!! I am way ahead of the crowd.

My gifts are purchased and paid for and I owe nothing to anyone. My gift cooking is done and delivered to my special friends. My cards are mailed, only to those I do not see on a regular basis. I don't choose to support the Post Office anymore. My house is decorated, minus a tree this year, but with my collection of snowmen and special ornaments scattered around the house. Oh yes, there is the added addition of a beautiful new wreath on my front door, purchased at the Christmas Craft Show last weekend. Quite festive!!

With any luck at all my daughter will allow my grandson to spend some time at my house during his Christmas vacation. I am learning not to count on things until they actually happen though. I'm pondering the thought of renting a family to share Christmas dinner with me this year. There has to be someone out there who appreciates the talents of a good cook who loves to fuss over holiday dinners.

Anyway, that's 18 days away and since I am way ahead of most people already I still have plenty of time to fantasize and conjure up an exciting day on December 25.


  1. I have given your address to three people. They may be visiting at your place tonight. They are Love, Wealth and Happiness. Merry Xmas.

    Christmas Messages

  2. Thank you syeds, visitors are always welcome at my place. You have a wonderful Christmas too!