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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Mongoose is Free!

'Twas the morning before the night before Christmas and who should appear bright and early at my front door?

A blond, blue eyed smiling little boy that I am proud to say I do adore.

Grandma, grandma is it too early? Are you up yet?

Yes, I’m up. Come on in and have some hot chocolate.

I came to exchange our Christmas presents, grandma just like we planned last night.

I know it is our special time together. The rest of your family was not invited.

Open yours first Grandma, I picked it out myself.

Oh nice, a cappuccino collection and bright pink cozy slipper socks! Thank you!!

Now for you, my little man. You have patiently waited for months to take your mongoose home. Here is the key. Now go unlock the shed and set it free.

I heard him exclaim as he rode down the street, Merry Christmas to all I LOVE MY NEW BIKE!!! Thank you Grandma!

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