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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Motor Response

Winter Solstice gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past and begin again. I have chosen to take this time to acknowledge my past actions, take responsibility for them and accept the consequences that they may have caused others.

Most people stop there, but someone once told me that my motor works differently than most people. It was nothing I didn't already know. Because of that I also went way back in my life to find the reasons that caused my current actions. When I understood those reasons I was able to forgive myself and motivate myself to change.

So far my life has been demanding and judging of others. My new approach is to offer and leave, to ask and allow Source to do the rest and most of all to only do what makes me happy. Allowing people in my life that do not treat me well is now a big no no!

My happiest moments involve spending time with my grandson, Colin. Yesterday we had the whole day to just hang out together, a bigger Christmas gift than anyone could ever put in a box.

Earlier this week he got himself in trouble by not meeting his reading goal at school. This upset me very much because he is an excellent reader. I knew his punishment was to not participate in the party the school gives the students who meet their goal. By the way, this is in addition to the regular Christmas party for all the students.

I assumed he would be sad that he was left out of the party. When I asked him about it his response was, "We got to clean the school and the teacher in charge was the best, most fun teacher ever!"

I wonder if the way your motor works is an inherited thing? If it is my daughter is in for a lifetime of interesting lessons!

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