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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Parade of Men

A couple of days ago this statement was posted on facebook, “An emotionally, spiritually healthy woman will attract an emotionally, spiritually healthy man.” It produced a large amount of response, mostly by women. One woman in particular stated that she had spent several years “repairing” herself and still could not attract an emotionally healthy man.

I know exactly how the woman feels. The post caused me to think about the parade of men that have crossed my path during my adult years. I actually made a list just to refresh my memory. The main characters on the list included a couple of boyfriends, a couple of ex-husbands and a couple of guys who I actually thought were that special man. You know my soulmate, the man put on earth just for me.

With a felt tip marker I drew a box around those six names. They are gone, in the past, never to influence my life again in this lifetime. I have moved past them all, even the ones that I felt a strong soulmate connection with. They were the hardest to include in my little blue box, but I had to do it.

Along with the boxed in men was a list twice as long of men who have either been or are now friends, acquaintances etc. An interesting observation is that this list contains several men who I feel actually took the time to “see” me, while the boxed in men never had a clue. Also interesting is that the clued in have already been spoken for. That does lead me to contemplate why I attract men who are not available for one reason or another. Is it them or is it me?

For several years I have been asking the universe for a male companion and specifically stated that I am not particularly interested in marriage. I believe forty years is enough for this lifetime! Perhaps I have already been given exactly what I asked for. Is it possible that my definition of a companion and the definition the universe has are not the same? I have found from experience when I ask for something I need to be very specific.

Perhaps I was spoiled from an early age by watching my grandparents. My deceased grandfather was the kind of man who allowed people to be who they were. He was non judgmental, honest, dependable and loved everyone he knew. He had a beautiful rose garden and every morning cut a fresh rose for my grandmother. That’s the kind of man I am waiting for.

Maybe I am just too picky or that man simply does not reside on earth; or maybe I simply don’t think I deserve a man that special. In any case I will keep an open mind, while checking out the parade of men who continue to cross my path.

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