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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Creating for God

Creativity is a wonderful thing and we are all blessed with it in some form. It is a gift from our Creator given to us as a tool to sprinkle positive energy throughout the universe. I love this quote from the website Heaven Letters, “Creativity is getting yourself out of yourself and into the universe”.

There are as many expressions of creative gifts as there are people. Everyone has their own unique slant on their particular talent. The simplest things can bring happiness to others. I have a friend who is a wonderful cook and I love being invited to her home for dinner. She knows how to use just the right combination of spices and always goes out of her way to create an elegant presentation of whatever she has prepared. It is that extra special effort that makes any meal an event.

There are people who take extra pride in their garden and create a magnificent display of color and imagination for everyone passing by to enjoy. There are those who are so full of positive energy that a simple smile from them can change ones mood from anger to joy in a second. There are those with gifts that heal the young and the old. You name it and there is someone with a universal gift to make anything better.

Of course there are those whose creative gift has given them world wide fame. Are they anymore special than your neighbor who is a fantastic baker and gives her scrumptious pies away just because she can? Often money and fame get in the way of the real reason for creative gifts. History has shown it can blow up a person’s ego to the point that they believe all the hype and forget who they are and where they came from.

I remember watching Oprah Winrey interview an author who had just written a now famous book. She sat open mouthed when he said he didn’t care if anyone ever read his book. Oprah never got what he meant. I not only got it, I bought the book because of his comment. He wrote for the love of using his creative gift.

I have gone through many creative phases in my lifetime and have now settled on inspirational writing because it makes me very happy. I am quite aware that my efforts are being assisted by unseen spirits and I am happy to be their messenger. I have finally reached the point of understanding that my job stops at the writing. Although I truly appreciate feedback, how others interpret what I write has nothing to do with me.

When we misuse or ignore the creative gifts God has given that make us unique we are in danger of losing them. It is wise to always be grateful and keep the source of the gift in mind. “Creativity is getting yourself out of yourself and into the universe”.

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