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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bon Voyage Rose

Talking to my chiropractor, Rose produced a personal view of the law of attraction. She had told me recently that she would be taking a trip out of the country, but I had not asked where. This morning she said she is going to Israel in a couple of weeks. My writer’s antenna popped up and I asked what possessed her to go there. Her explanation was so intriguing I decided to share the details.

Back in February she had the experience of talking with a group of church members who were planning on a trip to Israel. She listened with interest thinking what a wonderful adventure that would be. Rose is a very spiritual person and a trip like this would be especially meaningful to her.

She continued to think about it that night. Although she had the money for the trip it would be a strain on her budget to go. Rose is very family oriented and feels obligated to help out financially when needed. She knew if she spent the money on the trip it would mean she would be less available to help her family in the near future.

In the middle of the night she suddenly sat bolt upright in bed and said, “why didn’t I know I am supposed to go to Israel?” The next day she got an email inviting her to go on the trip from a person who told her, “I suddenly sat bolt upright in my bed” and said, “I need to invite Rose on the trip.”

Rose could not ignore the parallel of events and agreed to the trip. There was obviously some reason she was supposed to go. Still feeling a bit guilty about the expense she said a silent prayer that it would be nice if someone decided to sponsor her. The next day she got an email from a generous friend who decided to do just that. Her plane fare and accommodations have been taken care of.

I am very curious to learn the reason behind this story. I wonder what is waiting for her in Israel. I know she is excited about the trip, but I am almost as excited to know what will happen when she gets there. She promised to tell me the rest of the story when she returns to work. Bon voyage Rose!

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