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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Freelance Soul

The quote “Watch where everyone else is going and walk in the opposite direction” could have been written about me; as well as the song made famous by Frank Sinatra, “My Way.” Being just a bit off step with my peers is a lot more fun than just fitting in. Some people in my age category spend their time at their local Senior Citizen Centers or joining groups like Red Hatters. Boring!! That is not the way I choose to spend my so called “golden years”.

I have fulfilled my obligations of raising my three children, put in more than enough years as a wife and now my life is mine- all mine!! I begin my day by posting my latest blog entry, which I have previously typed on word. It allows time to digest what I have written and make last minute changes. Since I am a very picky writer I often reword sentences right up to the last minute. I have not outlived my desire to be a perfectionist. It has to do with pride. Anything with my name on it is going to be good or it is simply not going to be offered.

After I have exercised my mind I exercise my body by walking for an hour five days a week. Now for the best part, the rest of my day I leave up to the universe to plan. I have found recently that it has much better ideas than I could ever come up with. That’s probably because the universe knows the exact experiences I need to evolve my soul better than I do. It has a cheat sheet- the original script.

I have always been a little bit abnormal. Take for instance the simple question on the facebook info page- hometown? I didn’t know how to answer that, as I was born in Alaska, moved to Washington State at about two, lived in Seattle from age 12 to about 29, moved to California for 10 years and have lived in New Mexico ever since. I tried to make my answer earth, but fb doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Then there is the question about eye color found on most forms. The majority of people have no problem checking a box. My eyes are an unusual grayish color, sometimes with a hint of green. I dare you to find that color listed anywhere.

Lately I am having a problem with married-single-divorced? Gee I don’t know what do I feel like today? I’m definitely not married, but do I check divorced or single? Single doesn’t seem fair to my three legitimate children, but divorced was 11 years ago and doesn’t really apply anymore. Maybe I should just leave it blank- for now.

The only question I don’t have a problem with is nationality. My answer is clearly Anglo, but it doesn’t really seem fair to my French, Scottish, Swedish and English ancestors. After all Spanish, Native American and African American get their own box!

That about sums it up for today. As I said in the beginning being a bit off step with my peers is a lot more fun than just fitting in. Enjoy YOUR life it is the only one you have!

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