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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Cat Experiment

A few weeks ago I made a comment to a man named John that I couldn’t quite envision life as a spark of light in the celestial realm. Without hesitation, he took it upon himself to help me see from a different vantage point.

He told me to close my eyes and picture a cat. Then he instructed me to picture the cat sitting, jumping, running or even changing colors. Then I was told to open my eyes and tell him who was looking at the cat.

My answer was no one because I was the cat. His reaction to my answer was, “Did you even do it?” Well, sort of I thought. I felt like an errant child. I was told to do it again. Knowing that he was trying to teach me something important I truly tried to follow his instructions.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t even see the cat let alone what it was doing or what color it was. My second answer to his “who is looking at the cat?” was- God. Just between us, I really had no clue. I figured that was a safe answer because God sees everything, right? That was not the answer he was expecting me to give him.

Exhibiting a great deal of patience, John gave it one more try, injecting that there were no wrong answers. Oh right, then why did I feel I had disappointed him? Forget everything I previously told you, he advised. Close your eyes and picture anything you want. Do anything you want with the picture. Now open your eyes and answer the question- who is looking at the picture?

Meekly I answered I am. …and is there anything you care to add he asked? I quietly said yes. It was my picture in my mind and nobody else could see what I see. When I was given the freedom to do it my way the answer was quite clear. He had accomplished what he set out to do. My view of my future life as a spark of light in the celestial realm is now coming from inside looking out instead of outside looking up.

This realization led to many others on my journey to enlightenment, including the fact that my Creator is inside as well as everywhere else. After the cat experiment the man named, John suddenly left without giving me a chance to adequately thank him for my new gift of sight.

Thank you John.

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