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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Colin's Day to Shine

In the past I have written a lot about my youngest grandchild, Colin. He is just so cute and so full of life that it is hard not to. I recently realized that not only have I mentioned him several times in my blog posts, he was also referred to in both of my books and my CD.

Colin is a little short for his age and is usually the smallest kid in his class, but that never holds him back, especially in sports. He loves soccer and grownups love to watch him out maneuver other players, with his speed and tricks. Once he gets the ball nobody catches him. Last season he started playing basketball and it was hilarious to watch him jump straight up in the air to keep an opponent from making a basket. He is the manifestation of “where there is a will there is a way.”

So I declare today COLIN’S DAY TO SHINE, at least on my blog. Go Colin Go! In the above track and field photo I took this morning that’s him out in front, of course!

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