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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What is normal?

On this 4th day of January things seem to be getting back to normal whatever that is. The kids are finally back in school where they belong during the week. Most of the roads are now free of snow and ice from our holiday storms. People are slowly moving into their familiar patterns of everyday life.

For the first time since Christmas I went to the family center to walk and use the fitness room. I thought it would be hard to go back, but it felt really good to be moving around. I also visited my chiropractor to get my body back in shape and deal with the stress the snow and holidays brought to me. That also felt good.

Tomorrow my writing group resumes meeting every other week. I made phone calls yesterday to remind the members since it had been three weeks since our last meeting. It looks as if we are all in sinc and I am anxious for the group to move forward with new ideas, possibly picking up some new members. We all left with the writing challenge: humorous resolutions. I can't wait to see how uniquely different the offerings will be.

After checking out some of the 2012 videos my friends have suggested I begin this new year with a different perspective than last year. I am aware that this is going to be a special year, especially for those who are interested in their own evolvement. I hope to be more open to the ways that I can be loving, not only to others, but to myself.

I have a feeling that whatever was normal at this time last year is not going to be true this year. I certainly hope that after all the work I have done on myself I have moved more than a few steps forward.

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