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Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a good portion of people, especially in the U.S., are taking the time to recognize a great man who fought for peace and equality in his own way. Just as Jesus who came before him, he didn’t carry a weapon. He simply stood up for what he believed in and led others to believe that anything is possible when you have a dream.

Every once in a while a man like this is created and the world celebrates his life long after he is no longer here. Others pick up the pieces and began walking in the same direction. Perhaps they will never have the notoriety, but that does not mean that their efforts are any less valuable to mankind.

I believe every little bit we all do to promote peace, love and equality is important. So what if your picture will never be on a postage stamp or your birthday will only be celebrated by your family and friends. Think about all the people you have an opportunity to touch each day with your words and actions. It matters, so just keep doing what you are doing anyway!

Happy Birthday Mr.King you did a good job!


  1. At last, an answer as to why several friends have posted quotes and tributes today. I hadn't known, from here in the UK, that there was a special day to celebrate a wonderful man. Lovely post Barbara ... you're so right. Whatever we do to promote peace, love and equality is a step forward and we do touch the world with our actions.

  2. I keep forgetting that some of my readers are way across the pond Jan! Thanks for commenting.