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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is anybody out there?

Things are going from bad to worse at my house in little ole Grants, New Mexico. On top of everything else I discovered this morning that the thermocouple I had put in my furnace a couple of weeks ago is no longer working and I have no heat. Being Sunday I can't get in touch with the company who installed the part. I am just going to have to deal with the cold until Monday morning.

I do have a portable electric heater, an electric blanket and a small gas wall heater in the addition to my house so I won't freeze to death. It has also warmed up a bit outside from last week. I have in the past gone without water for several days, but not heat for any length of time. I hope the company isn't going to try to charge me another $85 for a service call. Good luck collecting that people!

One thing I am grateful for is that I am not a homeless person wandering around in the elements trying to stay warm. Things can always be worse. Looking around and observing what others have been given to deal with proves that. Maybe I don't have family members who care about me and my problems, but I have plenty of friends that do. I am very grateful for those friends and for the positive energy they are directing toward me.

If somebody is out there listening and observing that energy cannot be ignored for long. I know some kind of help is on its way to turn things around.


  1. Atta girl Barb. Hang in there sweet lady.

    1. Wayne I just put a note on my vision board that says- hang in there! Not sure what the universe has in mind, but I am not giving in to panic!