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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ask and let it be

Realizing I needed universal help for my current situation of snow damage to my roof/ceiling, I decided to check my copy of Angel's 101 by Doreen Virtue to see if there was an archangel who might be in tune with my needs. Scanning the information brought my attention to Archangel Ariel.

She has been known to produce "miraculous manifestations". I also checked out web images of this entity and found a photo portrayed as a "snow angel". How close does one need to get to the problem I thought. In the past I have had amazing results asking for help from other archangels, but never Ariel.

Wednesday night I printed out the photo, lit a candle, played a restful music video and had a quiet conversation with Archangel Ariel. I knew I had to truly believe in her angelic ability before the assistance I asked for would be granted. I thought I had done that as I placed the inspirational photo on my vision board and waited to see what would happen.

I knew she wasn't going to fly down with a backpack full of shingles and miraculously put a new roof on my house, but I believed she would lead me to the help I needed to solve my problem. Against advice from a friend I started a claim with my house insurance company and had every reason to believe it would be honored. Due to the sneaky wording in an exclusion clause I found out Friday that my problem was not covered.

At this point I freely admit that I was more than a little disappointed in my new guide. I briefly felt I had been betrayed because what I thought was going to happen did not. The only thing I could do at this point was call a couple of local contractors and get an estimate of repairing the damage. Figuring out how I was going to pay for it would have to come later. First I needed to know exactly what I was dealing with.

Looking at the photo of Archangel Ariel last night I thought about what I had asked for. I realized that just because the solution did not come about the way I thought it would didn't mean it wouldn't happen. There are many ways in which help could come. I had stopped believing in a miraculous manifestation and by doing so cut off the help I was seeking.

This morning I knew I needed to begin again and this time allow spirit to do her/his job in whatever manner she/he saw fit. In other words ask and let it be.

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