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Monday, January 30, 2012

Stop I want to get off

I think I got on the wrong train. It doesn't seem to be going in a direction that my pocketbook can keep up with. Could it be the sign said trials when I thought it said trails?

Today was yet another expensive jog on my current journey. Most of the early part of the day a young heating tech by the name of Clinton tried to find out why the pilot light on my gas furnace kept blowing out. About 15 minutes after he would leave my house, with "it should work now", it would extinguish itself again. We finally decided rather than put several hundred dollars into a 35 year old furnace it would be smarter to buy a new one. Tomorrow it will be installed and at least I will have heat again. It's a good thing I have excellent credit!

Not to be outdone my car decided it needed a new battery last night. Why it had to pick this week to refuse to start I have no idea. It did have the good sense to pull its prank at a friends house. Her twin sons took me to get a replacement and even installed it for me. In the meantime their mother offered me a delicious Mexican dinner, complete with birthday cake, celebrating the twin's 17th birthday.

This afternoon a roofer came to check out my house damage from the snow. I should get an estimate in a day or two. He said he would try to keep it low. I'm not holding my breath! One thing I did learn from his visit was to knock off the icicles that form on the edge of the roof because they cause melting snow to go under the shingles instead of down to the ground. This in turn causes damage to the ceilings. Makes sense to me!

Tomorrow is the last day of January and I sure hope this train full of negative crap reaches the end of its route or simply dumps its load. I have had quite enough thank you very much!

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