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Friday, January 20, 2012

Comparison works

Decision making is sometimes made easier when the universe gives you something to compare what you have with what you might have. Today I was given the gift of comparison.

Trying to decide whether to sell my mobile home or move into an apartment has been weighing on my mind lately. Today I went to see an apartment that I felt was in a price range that I could afford. I took one step inside and silently uttered, "I don't deserve this!" It was like a tiny cracker box and I could not imagine being able to fit even a small portion of my furniture inside and still have room to move around. The kitchen was about a third the size of what I have (I love to cook) and I couldn't figure out where I would put my dinning room table. Actually the living room was about the size of my current dinning room.

I have worked my butt off for almost 13 years to have the nice things that I have and do my best to take care of them. No way am I going to dump them to move into a box. Yuck! My decision is to stay where I am because I am the one who has made it a comfortable home. I believe if it is in line with God/Source I will somehow be provided with what I need to continue to take care of what is mine.

Another interesting comparison happened today regarding the writer's group I started last November. Our local paper has been good about putting the notices that I send them in the community section, but that is as far as they have gone toward publicity. Since I wrote for this paper as a columnist it has upset me a little- okay a lot. This afternoon I was informed that I will be interviewed by a neighboring large town newspaper about our group next week. Since we are trying to attract new members this information is making me very happy.

In celebration I am going out for Chinese tonight to a favorite restaurant. I tried out another one recently that a friend suggested just to compare what they had to offer. As with my house I am sticking with what makes me the happiest. Thank you universe for the chance to compare.

Of course, I do realize the universe could still throw something unknown to me at the present time into the mix to change my mind!


  1. Barb, I'm sure what ever choice you make will be the one you are most happy with. That makes it the right one.

    1. I'm thinking the same thing Wayne! I'm also thinking I need more info before deciding!