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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Vision

In considering if I should sell what I have and rent I was given a suggestion that produced a new vision of the question. It was “concentrate on what you have not on what you don’t have”. The result follows:

Why sell my house and down size my living conditions?

I live in a very comfortable home surrounded by things I love and have mostly paid for myself. Even though it has more room than I actually need at the moment- so what! It has everything I do need and would not find in something smaller. It has 3 bedrooms used for a master bedroom, a guest bedroom and an office; two bathrooms, one of which I mostly ignore along with the 20’X 20’ addition; a large kitchen that fits my needs perfectly and a comfortable living and dinning area. Outside is a large shed for storage containing among other things a small freezer. I also have a garage, an asset I would not have if renting an apartment. Best of all is the spacious deck just outside my patio window great for just hanging out, watching the clouds or listening to the birds in the surrounding trees.

Is it possible I don’t think I deserve what I have?

The answer to that is probably yes. It is an age old problem that I thought I had conquered, apparently not. In reality what I do not deserve is to be forced to dispose of possessions, including the possibility of my two mature cats, to live below the standard that I have now. That makes no sense at all.

Eliminate house insurance, property tax
Around $900 per year for insurance and property tax as opposed to several thousand per year for rent makes no sense either.

Eliminate house repairs
This is a what if futuristic problem based on the act of not trusting that I will be provided the help I need for whatever problems might come up. I have handled every single challenge that has risen so far so not believing in me and my ability to survive is not a very positive approach. Not trusting also might piss off God/Source just a little bit.

To be closer to the things & people in my life
This is the most ridicules reason yet. I live in a small town and I can get anywhere I need to go in ten minutes or less. That’s of course, unless the roads are covered with ice. I also live two doors from the most important person in my life, my young grandson.

More freedom
Actually owning a house gives me more freedom than renting ever could. I can do as I please and I account to nobody else.

Which is the bigger risk selling or staying put?
Taking these and other facts I have weighed into consideration I believe the bigger risk is selling what I have and renting problems that belong to someone else.

A real estate lady is coming this afternoon to give me an approximate value on my house/property. I doubt that it is going to be a figure that would inspire me to sell, but it is a number I need to know. In preparation for her visit I spent some time cleaning and repairing little things that I had previously ignored. In the process I looked around as I finished each room and really took in what the universe has given me. My thoughts changed as I began to see with grateful eyes that I do deserve everything I have.

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