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Friday, January 27, 2012

Who can you trust?

Yesterday I was told by a young lady sitting behind the desk in the Farmer's Insurance office that my claim, submitted to their subsidiary Foremost Insurance office, for damage to my roof and ceiling from our recent snow storms would be honored. At the very least I expected a reasonable repair job at the most I thought I might get a new roof. I was also told an adjuster would be in contact that day.

I was happy with the news and merrily went home and took some pictures of the damage for future reference. The master bathroom is in the worst shape, followed by the second bathroom. the proof is in the following photos.

After waiting all day to hear from the adjuster I called the agency and complained. I was assured he would call. He finally did, but not until the next morning. He started out by telling me our conversation would be recorded. Who cares? Just get on with it! After about 15 minutes of bullshit he read me a clause in my policy, which said damage from rain, sleet and snow was excluded. I won't add my reaction, but I am sure you can guess what it was just before I hung up.

I have never heard of anything so absurd. I live in the middle of the New Mexico desert for crying out loud not Minnesota! The snow we got this year is almost unheard of. It broke a record set in the late 60s. I thought the reason I had insurance was for things just like this.

After expecting the best yesterday today I don't expect much of anything good. Now I am on my own to deal with a contractor and have the most serious damage repaired first. All I have to say is read the fine print before you sign anything or fork over your hard earned money.

It is getting so you really can't trust anyone anymore.


  1. people just aren't as honorable as they were when WE were growing up. Back then a man's word meant something.

    1. You are right Wayne! I wonder what happened to those values?