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Saturday, January 7, 2012

An angel's view

Yesterday I found the following post on my Facebook newsfeed. Something about it got my attention and I re-posted it for whoever else it was meant for.

If you have taken a minute to read this... The angels have seen YOU struggling with something. The angels say it’s over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in angels send this message on, please don't ignore it. The angels are going to fix two things (BIG) in your favor. If you believe in angels drop everything and re-post.

I do believe in angel help, but I also believe that they have a different view of our struggles than we humans here on earth do. The suggestion was that the angels would fix two big things that I have been struggling with. I began to think about what they might be.

My biggest struggle, which has followed me all of my life is fear. I can’t seem to trust that all is well and everything is going to turn out alright. I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop when something negative happens. It is as if I just can’t allow myself to relax and enjoy my life. I think I need to get out of my own way and let things happen. I am quite aware that the wall I put up is keeping the things I truly want away, but I do not know how to let go of this fear of being happy, healthy and healed. If I were the angel in charge this would be my first fixer upper. Are you listening up there?

There are two other challenges that I have been struggling with for several years and they seem to be connected, probably even to the first. I have been living my life alone since 1999 and looking for a mate. Some people might use the term companion. Perhaps I am too picky, but I have a very specific individual in mind. He must be kind hearted, honest, spiritually accepting, have a great sense of humor, be healthy in mind and body and most of all be able to see the person inside. There have been a couple of men who have come close over the years, but close isn’t what I want.

The third struggle is money. Wow I am really tired of trying to live on an income below the poverty level. It isn’t that I can’t because I have surely proved that I can. I have met every challenge that the universe has presented and survived. Enough already! While there is still time I want to travel and meet new people and see new things. For once I want to not have to worry about the numbers on the right side of a menu. Even if I had money it would not be my style to waste it, but until I get it I can’t prove that to myself or anyone else.

I clearly see that the last two could easily become one and meet my second struggle that the angels also see. Since I don’t have the view of an angel I will just have to wait to find out the end of this story. In the meantime I will continue to believe in angelic help and happy endings.


  1. I have to agree with you Barb. I have the same fear of waiting for the other shoe to drop. And most of the time, it happens.

  2. Well Wayne when the other shoe does drop it gives us another opportunity to be strong!

  3. Thoughts Become Things. Choose them wisely. Listen to or read Mike Dooley or his brother Andy Dooley. What you focus on becomes your reality. So think about and experience the feeling of having what you want...and have faith. Do not focus on the lack.