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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last chance to speak out

Ever notice how the time flies by when you are having fun and how it drags when you have allowed anger and negative energy into your life? This year has flown by and I note today is my last chance to speak out before 2012 rolls in. Since I never miss an opportunity to speak here goes!

This morning I was thinking back to the last time I actually celebrated a New Years Eve. I believe it was 1972. The path since then has provided many interesting experiences for my growth and evolvement. Some of them were opportunities to learn the hard way what not to do in the future. I didn't always learn the lesson offered the first time so there were many repeat performances. It is very fortunate for me that God/Source is a patient entity.

The most outstanding New Years Eve was 1999. I didn't go anywhere, but my oldest son came to spend the weekend with me. I believe I even went to bed before midnight and left him to watch the ball drop on TV. Many people had been convinced that terrible things were going to happen on that night. I knew a man who ran a convenience store and also had a rather disturbed mind. At the time I counted him as a friend. That was one of my long hard learned lessons. For months this person enjoyed attempting to instill fear about what was going to happen to his customers. I refused to buy what he was promoting and I do believe it made him angry. It was through him I began to learn to rise above the crap and think for myself!

Sliding from one year into the next is not really a big deal in my book. A new year is simply a way to keep track of events. Although I won't be celebrating tonight and most likely will not stay up to witness the ball drop in New York I do send my sincere wishes for a year of peace, love and personal fulfillment for everyone reading my words.

That's all I have to say except Happy New Year!


  1. Your last line in your first paragraph made me burst out loud in laughter, Barbara!

    And the last line of the last paragraph made my heart warm up!

    I think the last New Years Eve I celebrated out was in 1999 also....was dating a man who in the end was Not worth my

    Tonight, Tim and I are going to see my daughter as she is waitressing at the Crown Plaza near our it is a great excuse to go out...otherwise, I would pass,be in bed before the ball drops as well and fall asleep gratitude in my heart!

    Barbara, Happy New Years 2012 and Every Moment of Every day!


  2. Thanks Maria! I hope you and your girls have a peaceful trip to the warm sands of Hawaii! Aloha!

  3. Sweet dreams my friend as the ball drops signaling the passage of time from one year to the next. Many blessings wished your way for the up coming new year!!!

    Your words ring well in my ears!!!

    Luv me xo

  4. I have a feeling 2012 will be good to both of us Priscill! Peace to you and Bella!

  5. Lovely post, Barbara. I too believe that refusing to buy into fear is a very powerful tool we can use. I also don't stay up for New Year's Eve - I think the last time I did was on holiday in Spain about 10 years ago, where they had a lovely tradition of drinking champagne whilst eating 12 grapes as the clock chimed 12. Difficult but not impossible and you do get most of the champagne down your coat. Life is all about what we make it, how we choose to be and what we choose to bring to it.