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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Mirror Image

I have heard that when you encounter a person that you have a problem with they are reflecting something that you need to work on in your own life. In contemplating that thought this morning I finally got it. A Mirror image!

I started making a list of those people who have passed through my life and have left for one reason or another. I was feeling very sad about the loss of some of them until I realized what they all have in common. They are negative controlling souls who have a serious need to be in charge of everything in their environment. Why didn't I see that before?

The fact that they are no longer in my life is not a bad thing it is a very good thing warranting a major celebration. It means that I have moved up the spiritual ladder and am no longer attracting these kinds of people.

The people who I am now attracting are loving, kind, compassionate souls whose entire being is about sharing love. When I look in my mirror I no longer see a negative controlling person who has a need to control her environment. I rather like the new mirror image that I see looking back at me.

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  1. Barbara,

    What a beautiful reflection staring back at you in the mirror!