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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanks for the memories

Birthdays are a great time to look back at your life from the view of an observer. It is also a great time to review the lessons that have been offered and notice how many times that had to happen before they were learned. Some are still works in progress. I hope I learn them before the pebbles being dropped on my head become boulders.

There are people who believe we are supposed to have a life full of only good memories. I totally disagree with that assessment. It would be like reading the same fairy tale over and over until every word has been memorized.

Personally I am grateful for the shit that has happened in my life. It gives me something to compare the good stuff to. I do believe that we attract what we get in the form of relationships and experiences, but how can we know what is good for us if we have nothing to compare it to? I say bring on the shit because now I know what it looks and smells like and I can side step it before it hits me in the face.

Live and learn people have said; well now I have learned and it is time to live. No more wasting time tending other’s shit. I have had about enough of my own. If anyone desires to live their life as a negative human I’m just going to let them. Perhaps someday they will take the time to look back at their life experiences and take stock of the lessons that were provided and ignored.

Memories are a useful tool when we care to use them properly.


  1. Of course you made me laugh Barbara!

    I love your humor or at least I do see humor in your writings....:)

    I agree completely with the idea if our life was without pain, then what would we be here for and how would we learn anything?

    In my life, I too am grateful for all the pain I have gone through.

    Most cannot understand how one can be grateful for deep hurt, but it is because from the pain came joy and light!

    I love this Barbara..."Memories are a useful tool when we use them properly".

    It says Everything!


  2. You are right Maria many people do not understand why the hurt is necessary. When we can rise above it we have won the battle! xo