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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Who needs resolutions?

In all of my long life I don’t recall ever making a formal New Years resolution, kept or unkept. I don’t think I have missed anything. I tend to do things to suit myself not to follow a trend set by the rest of the world. I have made many life changing decisions, but I wouldn’t exactly call them resolutions. I think they are more the result of inheriting very stubborn, one might even call them, controlling genes.

To start with I have removed two husbands and their life long negative addictions from my life. Twelve years ago I ended a 40 year addiction of my own to nicotine. I mistakenly thought cigarettes were my best friend until I woke up. Who in the world wants a best friend who is 3 inches tall, smells bad and can lead to serious health problems and even death? That took a little more then resolution. It took determination and a desire to care about myself and live a healthier life.

I think desiring to live a better life is at the root of any resolution. It simply requires a really good mirror to see your life in a different light. Next you need to become a surgeon and skillfully play the game of operation, carefully plucking out any offending debris that is causing you to live an unhappy life. Whether a person or a thing, you need to stop dragging it around as if it were an anchor, because it really is. Just think how much lighter your load would be just carrying yourself around. Maybe there would be no need to go on that diet you were planning.

My latest thing, okay just once I’ll call it a resolution, is to shed any remaining negative energy that is holding me back. I’ve been working on that one for several years I just didn’t know until recently that it was my entire life goal. You see the mirror I had been using had become a bit fogged up from other people breathing on it. I was given a new one recently and the view is now very clear. Perhaps I was right all along, resolutions are not for me. All I ever needed was a better mirror.


  1. I love your words and the sentiment they represent!!! 2012 here you come shiny and new!!!

    Luv me xoxo

  2. My words belong to the world my dear. You are welcome to use them! ;)