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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Did I do that?

I had an interesting experience this morning that could be considered a miracle. It left me asking myself, "did I do that?"

For several weeks I had been unable to get a dial tone on the phone I use for my office. At first I assumed it was the phone so I purchased a new one. That wasn't the problem. Then I tested the phone cords. That wasn't the problem. I finally decided there was something wrong with the phone jack. I thought it might be dirty so I cleaned it with a small brush. I still had no dial tone on the phone.

I came to the conclusion that I would have to make an appointment for a service call, but I was in no hurry to spend the extra money. The phone in my living room has a long cord so when I was in my office I moved that phone close enough to hear it ring. It was a bit of a nuisance, but at least I didn't miss any calls, providing I remembered to move the phone.

This morning a strong something told me to plug the office phone into the "wounded" phone jack one more time. First I blew on the jack just in case there was dust in it then I literally said, "I invite a miracle to happen". I picked up the receiver and yes I had a dial tone. At first I didn't believe it and expected it to stop working at any moment. Eventually I began to trust, but wondered what had happened.

About fifteen minutes later the phone rang. It startled me as I hadn't had a phone in my office for weeks. The man on the other end of the line was calling for information about the writing group I recently started. I knew who he was and after talking to him I also knew he would fit into our group very nicely.

I am still in awe of the new phone connection. It caused me to look up Mercury. I found that today it is moving out of retrograde, where it has been since November 24th. Is it possible that is what happened? Looking back over the days since Thanksgiving I saw that it has not been a very pleasant time for me. I have been having communication problems as well as other problems that could be attributed to Mercury's behavior.

There is also the eclipse that happened a few days ago on December 10th. It signaled a big change for me, especially in my attitude. I had read that what you focus on for three days before and three days after the eclipse will make a huge difference in what happens in your life. I decided to focus on love and good health, not consciously thinking much more about it. I even sent daily love and light to a person who has refused communication for over a year. Suddenly I began to feel lighter and stopped worrying about my health. It felt like a huge amount of negative energy had been lifted.

Taking all this into consideration I do still wonder if the planets caused my improved reception or did I do that with my change of focus and simple faith of inviting a miracle to happen?


  1. I Love it Barbara!

    You are Not going to get a debate from me on this...LOL....
    You asked and then you received instantly!

    Somehow, cleaning out the jack's dust doesn't quite sit with me as the 'reason' for it working.

    I am more of the believer that you requested and manifested it!

    Your guides are quite something!


    P.S. Happy to hear mercury goes out of retrograde today as it has affected my work in being slow and cancellations galore..:)

  2. It is really funny Maria that someone told me Mercury was going into retrograde on 12/13/11. Just a little off!!

  3. Maybe it was a little of both my dear friend. Although I happen to believe that when you are one with the Universe in love with life miracles do happen again and again. It is the beauty of living in the presence of the Light, so much love to be gifted.


  4. Yes it is the light! We all have it we just don't always turn it on "P".