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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gifts do not need a box

Yesterday was my birthday, never mind the number, but I am old enough to have a married granddaughter who has a child; making me a great grandmother. You figure it out!

This year I received some interesting gifts and not all of them arrived in a box. I spent much of the day happily responding to birthday wishes from almost 60 friends from all over the world. It made me wonder how loud Happy Birthday would have sounded if they had all been in the same room at the same time.

This wondrous gift of friendship could never have been possible if I had not made the move to check out Facebook a couple of years ago. Many people my age wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. The online friends I have attracted mean a great deal to me and they offer as much love as anyone living right here in my own little town. Friends of any kind are the "bestest" gift the universe could offer.

In addition to these wishes I also received some other very nice gifts that didn't all come in a box.

The first was a luscious assortment of chocolate truffles sent by a special friend in another state. It didn't take me long to taste the treat. Someone had to open the box and once it was opened well...!

The next was a beautiful Christmas cactus loaded with buds about to bloom sent by my fabulous son. Since he is still working in Kuwait I emailed him a photo so he could see what he had paid for. I hope the blooms will open by Christmas.

Last night a friend took me to dinner as a gift. I ordered my favorite, lobster and pasta. It was wonderful! Although it didn't come in a box, some of it came home in a box and I had it for lunch today. It was still just as good as it was last night.

My last gift was a phone call from my young grandson wishing me a happy birthday and inviting me to go to his first basketball game of the season this morning. His team lost but it was a good game. He followed up with spending several hours at my house today. He admitted he had forgotten it was my birthday and didn't have a present. He then decided his special gift to me was himself. He said he just wanted to spend some time with grandma.

I believe I have proven gifts don't always need a box to be very special!


  1. Sounds wonderful Barbara. I hope if - or when! - I have grandchildren, they are as eager to spend time with me as yours is. You are right about facebook though, in that it reaches all over the world, sometimes something that we physically could not do. Some of the friendships I have made here - and no doubt you too - will last me forever. I am so glad also that I checked in to this particular virtual resort.
    Glad your birthday was full of special gifts, and here's to many more. Birthdays that is!!!! :-) xxx

  2. Marc I am quite sure your grandchildren will be as close as Mia is to you. When Colin left today he said, "I'll probably be back tomorrow because I love you."

  3. Oh Barbara,

    That is the "bestest" kind of birthday ever!

    I am so happy your birthday was blessed with such love and kindness!

    The gift was your grandson Colin is the ultimate Treasure Gift of the heart!

    Love ya,

  4. Thanks Maria it was a special birthday!