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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What's the trouble?

It has been a day of interesting answers to the question- what's the trouble?

First thing this morning I kept my appointment with my trusty physical therapist to get his take on my recent spinal CT scan. I am so happy I took the official result write up so he could get a good picture of what is going on. I was diagnosed with canal stenosis along with some other less pertinent issues. I was really anxious to see what my PT had to say and get his opinion of what to do about the problem.

He agreed it was too early for anything drastic, especially when I told him the pain etc. I had been having from the sciatic nerve had pretty much gone away. As soon as I found out the problem I had gone back to exercising more, using some excercises that I had been given for my hip replacement recovery over a year ago. I also added one I found online, which apparently helped the situation.

So this morning after a through examination we decided the best approach for now was to exercise. I left with a dozen to do, some new some old. I was told that exercises for the hip and lower back are interchangeable. In addition my pelvis was way out of alignment, which no doubt added to my discomfort. I have a follow-up appointment with him next week. In the meantime I will follow his instructions and do the exercises. Hey that's a whole lot better than a shot or surgery!

My next interesting- what's the trouble experience came when I was leaving Walmart. I kept hearing a strange noise between ding ding and a click. Good grief now what I thought. At first I thought perhaps a turn signal was stuck. I moved this and that, making sure everything was off and I still heard the sound. At least twice I accidentally turned on the window washer. I didn't need that!

I pulled out the owners manual to see if I could figure out what was going on. I couldn't locate the place I was looking for. I finally decided it was what I was calling the trouble light. Giving up I drove home, which wasn't far. I parked in the driveway, got out of the car and saw that both the back and front "trouble" lights were blinking. I turned off the car and they were still going strong. Did I really need this today? No!

I took the manual into the house and finally found what I was looking for. Well dang they are called hazard lights! The picture in the book gave me a picture of where the switch is located. My car is a 2005 and I have never had any reason to use this feature. I went out and took care of the problem. The car is now in the garage not causing me any more frustration.

Actually I am happy that I had the good sense to take care of both problems using my own brain and following my intuition.

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