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Friday, January 6, 2017

Time to disconnect

I knew it was coming, but when was the question. In dealing with the government one must be patient! That's a word that has always been difficult for me to handle. Today the mail brought me official word that I no longer qualify for help from Medicaid. For the last year my income has been so low that the Income Support Division has been paying my Medicare premium. Although it has been helpful I am very happy that has come to an end.

My ex-husband's recent death brought my Social Security income up past the point of qualifying for further Medicaid assistance.Yay! I'm sure some people would ask if I am crazy. My answer would be- no I am not. I want to take care of myself by myself without having to account for every penny that I have in my possession to a government agency. That's nobody's business but mine!

It may still take Social Security another month to catch up with the news, according to a very nice agent I recently talked to, but that's alright. I will either be paying my own premium next month or not. At least the wait is over and I have official word in writing that I am now disconnected from Medicaid.

I'm free!

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