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Saturday, January 21, 2017

I raised a first class bitch

A couple of days ago I found a large envelope in my mail box addressed to my married daughter with my address on it. This has not been her address since she graduated from high school in 1997. It isn't unusual for me to occasionally get mail  for people who have never lived in my house. Usually I just toss it, especially if the person is deceased.

I kept looking at this envelope because it was from Prudential, the insurance company where my ex-husband had a life insurance policy. I had assumed  the money had been sent to my daughter as he died four months ago and even though I was the beneficiary they were not giving it to me. Unfair or not that's just the way it was. Insurance companies can get by with a lot nowadays.

Tossing the envelope was an option but I decided to open it to see if it was just junk or something important. As it turned out it was something that needed her attention. They apparently had been trying to reach her and needed her to return a requested form. so they could close the account. If they didn't hear from her by a certain date the money would be put into an unclaimed policy fund.

I immediately hand delivered the envelope to her house with a note explaining why I had opened it.

Always looking for something to blame me for she had a fit because it had been opened.

If she wasn't such a self centered person she would have thanked me for giving her a heads up. If it had been my intention to keep her from getting the money I would have tossed the mail and she would never have known that she was about to miss out on a large chunk of cash.

Someday karma will catch up to her.

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  1. Some people are so focused on negative energy they can't see positive energy when it is right under their nose.