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Friday, January 13, 2017

A Sacred Message

Today while reading a copy of my Amazon Kindle book, Journey of an Enlightened Egotist I ran across a section that was so appropriate for current events I could not resist sharing so here it is:

While gathering (spirit) stories a man named Gabriel called me saying he was interested in my project. We talked about concepts that we seemed to share and he indicated that he had a project of his own involving spiritual energy that he wanted to tell me about.

The next morning he came to my house accompanied by his wife and two children. Within minutes of arriving he put a pair of divining rods into my hands and began trying to convince me that I could use them to communicate with God.

In addition to the rods I was holding, he and his wife and two year old son were demonstrating how to use the ones they were holding. It reminded me of a three ring circus, pieces of metal swinging in every direction. I later decided the man would have made a good TV evangelist or a used car salesman.

Because he was so "good" at what he was promoting, I admit I was briefly convinced that what he was telling me was true. That is until I received a telepathic message from my Creator, reminding me that we already have a one on one connection and therefore I have no need for anything or anyone else to speak for me. All I have to do is talk directly to God and listen quietly for the reply.

Reflecting on the incident caused me to realize how easy it is to be taken in by frauds who claim to have all the answers. The only defense against unscrupulous characters like Gabriel is a strong personal belief system.

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