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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Attitude is adjustable

In trying to decide what was causing my latest health issue I had to go back in time and rethink what has been going on in my life lately. Mainly finding the reason for my light headedness, headaches and blood pressure problem, all of which were causing serious anxiety symptoms. Did I miss something I wondered?

Although my blood pressure had come down over the last couple of days I was still suffering from the other problems, mostly a very stiff neck. Nothing I tried fixed this problem. I even blamed the new glasses I had been trying to get used to. That was a wrong assumption because I hadn’t worn them for a few days and still had the disturbing symptoms. 

Yesterday, still trying to collect pertinent facts, I told my primary care person that I thought it was due to all the negative energy out there in the universe. I am aware that some people absorb energy from others so the thought wasn’t that farfetched. I am aware that I do have some spiritual gifts. Everyone does.

Noting this morning that even after taking a muscle relaxant last night I still could not relax my neck. Realizing there was one more option I could try, which I had put off as a last resort, I made an appointment with my chiropractor. It had been almost two years since I had an adjustment. Fortunately I was able to be seen this morning. 

Intuition is a wonderful thing when one does not ignore the shove!

My neck was so far out of alignment that the doctor believed it was interfering with the blood flow to my head/brain, thus causing the problems I was having.  After the adjustment and ultrasound therapy on my neck I felt a world of difference. I have another appoint on Friday and you better believe I will keep it.
Blame is adjustable after you consider ALL the facts.

I’m thinking that possibly this thought could apply to the president elect. I have come to the conclusion he honestly believes he can make positive changes in our government, but his method is just deplorable. He reminds me of a bull in a china closet. You have to pick your battles. 

He also reminds me of a local female who managed to get elected to our City Council several years ago. She began her term of office thinking she could change everything that she felt was wrong with our city government. As a result, nobody listened to her and she accomplished very little.  

Not only do you need all the facts, but you need to be able to adjust your attitude and strive for balance.

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