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Saturday, January 14, 2017

An interesting morning

I didn't sleep well last night and woke feeling rather strange. I had a follow up doctor's appointment yesterday to touch base on my recent spinal CT scan, which concluded that I have spinal stenosis. It is no longer causing pain, but my provider is still strongly suggesting a sciatic block. I believe it is way too early and have said no. Something happened to cause my blood pressure to be high and I ended up having it taken three times during my visit. It finally came down to an acceptable level, but I am still having trouble figuring out why that happened. It had been doing great.

This morning I decided I had better check it out and was startled when it was even higher than yesterday. To make a long story short my son ended up taking me to the ER. I was really afraid I was going to have a heart attack, stroke or be admitted to the hospital.

You know that saying about worrying about things that may never happen? Well that was me this morning because it was even higher when I arrived at the ER. Higher than it had ever been in my life as far as I know. As it turned out it was an anxiety attack according to the attending doctor, whose first question to me was, "What are you upset about?"

I listed a couple of things that were causing stress and then added and Trump! I thought it was a joke until I realized it was probably truer than I realized. There has been so much negative energy floating around since the election that is is quite possible I "inhaled" some of it. It's really very hard to avoid the mess the country is in at the moment and not worry about the future.

I don't see anything anyone can do about what will happen less than a week from now. In my opinion protest marches are the biggest waste of time and money that anyone has come up with. Although it is very hard to ignore the negative energy that is everywhere, for my own well being I am going to do just that.

Even though the morning might have been interesting, I have no intention of a repeat performance.

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