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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A personal stage

Much is being said about the man who will apparently be the next president. Nasty things are being tossed out into the universe by both those for and against his election. Let me state right from the beginning of this post that he will never ever be my president. It is impossible for me to have any respect for someone who is capable of spewing so much hatred. I believe karma will eventually take care of the situation and that something unexpected will happen on January 20th, 2017. What that is I actually have no idea. 

My post  today is with celebrities who think because they have a stage they can use it to mouth off and say whatever they choose. Those who have money and power have never impressed me. I am impressed by how people treat others not by their material possessions.

I have a problem with anyone who tries to sway another just because they believe their own publicity. If it wasn't for the advances in electronics very few would even know who these people are!

 From my little stage these are my thoughts on the current events that are in the news. Agree or not that is your right.

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