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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Prayer is...

On my Facebook page yesterday I asked my friends for prayers for my son-in-law who is having a difficult time healing from recent intestinal surgery. The response was wonderful as I have friends all over the world. Although religion and I are no longer a couple I do believe in the power of group prayer because I have seen it work.

One of my friends, who is not shy in stating that she does not believe in a god, surprised me by posting a positive comment. She simply sent healing energy, which is exactly what I was asking for (Jan B.).

Another friend had stated earlier that he believes when one or more person is sending out positive thoughts for the benefit of another that is not only prayer, it is love.

I don't think it matters what one's belief is when it comes to asking the universe for the best possible outcome for someone else. Whether you believe in the existence of a supreme being or not so what. You have to believe in something greater than yourself. Come on you weren't dropped in a basket from a passing spaceship!

So in my opinion prayer is expressing compassion to an unseen source greater than yourself for a fellow being, and yes (John S.) you are right that is LOVE.

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