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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Leave your mark

Yesterday I shared this picture with a friend because she said she has a “thing” for trees. Most people would believe this particular one is dead, but as I looked at its photo I realized they would only be partly correct. Just like a deceased human form the spirit of this tree still exists. If you look closely you can see it too.

Long after our body ceases to exist we all leave a mark on every thing and everyone we have touched, whether we meant to or not.

As I looked at the picture of this little tree I thought of the many stories it could tell if it only could. It happens to be on a road to the local dump. Imagine how many vehicles have been driven by its view on their way to disposing of unwanted items.

My daughter and I were wondering around the area one day. I was looking for interesting photo opportunities. We ended up in this spot because we had been following a very unusual light in the sky and I was looking for a good place to get it on film.

While looking around, this little tree attracted my daughter’s attention and she asked me to take its picture for her. Perhaps it spoke to her or perhaps the light and tree were working together to provide a shared experience and leave a mark on our lives.

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