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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A family affair

I believe I have a very dysfunctional family. It seems that nobody cares about anyone else. Wow how could that be when I have done my best all of my adult life to keep everyone attached? I wish I could put them all in a room until they talk to each other. I remember seeing that in an old movie. It's not that they are angry with each other, they just don't seem to care. It is a very strange family affair.

My ex-husband seems to be the town/family crier. All information filters through him before it is dealt out. This is a rather odd fact as during our 27 year marriage he was pretty much unavailable to everyone. He was either working or drinking. Suddenly everyone cares about poor Donnie. How could this be?

Yesterday I left a small box of Valentine candy for my adult son, who now lives with me, and my young grandson, who lives two houses away. Of course, neither bothered to acknowledge my offering. My son came to dinner last night in his pajamas. I was very impressed with his caring on this special day.

I left the dishes (not many) to go to my grandson's basketball game, thinking the dishes just might be washed when I returned. What a dreamer I am. He can't even pull his body away from his computer to take out the trash once in awhile. That's real caring.

The basketball game didn't happen because not enough of the team showed up and they had to forfeit their game. While waiting for it to start I did actually have a conversation with my daughter. It was the longest in over four years(kind of a captive audience). My son-in-law had major surgery on the 13th and I was seeking information about his welfare. Even though she doesn't care about me I care.

This is just one day in the life of my very dysfunctional family. If I survive I expect a medal and/or recognition from a higher source.

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