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Sunday, February 22, 2015

One thing leads to another

For the last couple of days our dinner menu has been a little on the light side due to my son's oral surgery this week. Fixings have included homemade soup and pancakes with scrambled eggs.

When I opened the box of pancake mix a sample container of Nutella, a hazelnut & cocoa spread, popped out. A free gift great! I had never tried the product although I had seen the TV ads and been curious, just not enough to buy it. I later spread a little on a pancake and decided I like the taste and nuts are a good thing to eat.

Last night after a dinner of chicken nuggets & mashed potatoes I talked my son into going to my grandson's (his nephew's) basketball game. I always suggest his going in an effort to connect and support generations. My grandson has been passed around all week because his mother has been staying at the hospital to give moral support to his step-father, following his recent surgery. It was a great last game of the season, Colin made some really good shots and his team won 49-10.

On our way home my son stopped at the grocery store to pick up a couple of things he needed. When he unpacked his purchases he pulled out a jar of Nutella and handed it to me. Another gift just for me!

The last time I went to the store I ended up with two packages of Thomas muffins, one original and one cinnamon & raisin because they were buy one get one free. My son has been eating the original and I like the other variety. This morning I spread a generous serving of Nutella on one of those little guys for breakfast and it was delicious.

With a little caring, one thing always leads to another.

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