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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow- a great teacher

As I watched the news last night I noticed that much of the country is dealing with tons of snow. It reminded me of the winter of 2011 when our little town was buried in the white stuff. We had the honor of being the coldest city in New Mexico for weeks. The snow would thaw some during the day and freeze up at night making travel a very dangerous experience. I live alone about three miles from the nearest grocery store. I put off going to the store for as long as I could. The necessary trip I finally made was the scariest driving experience of my entire life. The road was a sheet of ice. Yesterday morning I looked out my office window and saw that it was snowing huge flakes that were sticking. It looked to me as if it had no intention of stopping. It was right after school had started and I was thinking that perhaps students would be dismissed early. If that happened I would not be going to work, as there would be no children to watch over at the family center. An hour or so later the snow suddenly stopped, the sun came out and melted everything. Yay for me! The previous snow experience that I lived through in 2011 taught me to be prepared. If I even hear a hint of snow I make sure to stock up on all the important things that I would need if I were snowbound for several days. Snow is a great teacher!

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