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Sunday, December 8, 2013

A new twist

This morning I realized a new twist on an old problem. I am sure this will make more than one of my followers very happy. Since August 30, 2010 my only daughter, now 34, has refused to communicate with me. She won't answer her phone or respond to an email and she even found it necessary to block me on Facebook, although she denied doing it. Today I have come to the conclusion- so what!! I did my job as her mother to the best of my ability and took care of her needs way past the time that I should have stopped doing that. I have an excellent relationship with my grandson, my son-in-law and even my ex husband of 27 years. Although my daughter's immature behavior has in the past caused me to feel unloved and unappreciated, especially during times of family holidays, that will happen no more! I have decided that I am not missing out on a thing. I live debt free in a warm comfy home with my two cats and my rescue dog, Ejay. I have a part time job which allows me to communicate with people of all ages and gives me a little financial wiggle room. My daughter is the one who is missing out and someday she will feel my new twist on her young life.

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