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Friday, December 27, 2013

Music music music

Last Christmas (2012) my grandson really wanted a music keyboard. He didn't get one from Santa or any of his family members. I felt bad for him because I recognize the fact that he loves music. I gave him a drum set when he was little and I believe it motivated his interest. Because grandmothers are supposed to pay attention to stuff like this a couple of days after Christmas I ordered the gift he had missed out on, a Huntington 61 key music keyboard. He was thrilled to say the least. Although he is very active in soccer and basketball he still finds time for music in his life. Remembering back when I was a child that my grandmother arranged for piano lessons for me because she recognized that I had a love of music, I followed my intuition and just ordered a second keyboard- for me. Even though those childhood piano lessons didn't last long because my family moved out of the area, I decided what the heck I'm never too old to teach myself something new. My life has been a string of self-taught creative adventures so why not a keyboard? Music is something I have loved all of my life. This year I decided to buy my own gifts because it's the only way to get exactly what my heart desires. Music, music music!

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