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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A crafty space

This weekend is the annual Christmas Craft Show for our community. It has been going on for over thirty years attracting both talented craftsman with their wares and curious customers looking for bargains and special gifts. I participated for many years until it just wasn't fun anymore. I offered all types of crafts including: crochet items, doll clothes, gifts, photos, books and whatever caught my eye that might tempt buyers. Actually the most fun part and still is for me is the opportunity to communicate with people. Friday night was always "teachers night" when all the local teachers stopped by after school to see what they could see. They would congregate in little groups. I still enjoy walking around talking to crafters and customers, some of whom I have known for years. Saturday was always a busy day for sellers hoping to bring in enough to pay for their space. Some years we did and some we didn't. Sunday was usually pretty slow and brought back the customers who were expecting the prices to have dropped because the crafters were getting desperate to not have to take their wares back home. It was all an interesting learning experience that reminded me that at least some of my creative gifts were inherited talents. It was fun, but life moves on to make room for younger people with newer ideas. This weekend you will find me attending the Christmas Craft Show to see what I can see. If you happen to be in Grants, New Mexico between December 6-8 join me at Future Foundations Family Center for the big event.

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