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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All wet and drying off

This morning a Facebook post from a friend captured my attention and changed my attitude about a situation I thought was causing a problem in my life. I have learned from experience that the universe has been known to send messages in strange forms. This one was one of a kind and caused me to realize that I have been all wet for a long time. Because someone else commented on the image that being single is a gift I realized the person is right! Although friends are a good thing to have I do not need anyone to be singly attached to. I raised my family and was connected by marriage for 40 years. I paid my dues. Now I do not need to depend on another soul. There is nothing anyone can give me that I cannot get for myself. Women especially grow up believing that they have to have a mate or their life is not complete. I was one of them. Thank you universe for the creative message and the gift/reward. All I need now is a nice big fluffy towel!

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