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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Choose the opal

I always look forward to gifts that my grandson gives me and this Christmas was no exception. He is always allowed to pick out the gift, even though someone else pays for it. This year he shopped at Choco Canyon Trading Co. in Milan, NM. It is the village just West of Grants. If you are ever in the area this store is a must stop and shop. Anyway back to this year's gift. I opened two small packages. The first contained a unique pair of opal earrings and the second contained another pair of opal earrings accompanied by a matching pendant. All three pieces were set in silver. It is a beautiful and meaningful gift. He had no way of knowing, but for the last few years opal has become my favorite stone. I wear it all the time. I love the way light changes the color of the stone as if it was dancing. Most women living in New Mexico prefer turquoise jewelry, but I have always been a bit different, probably because I didn't grow up here. To me it is a chunky stone and I prefer more delicate pieces. My birthstone is blue topaz. Although it is a beautiful stone it doesn't hold the attraction for me that the opal does. This fact aroused my curiosity and I looked up the meaning of opal to see if I could figure out just why that is. What I discovered did answer my question, considering the path my life has taken in recent years. First "the opal is the stone of inspiration, which enhances imagination and creativity". It has a larger proportion of water than most stones. Like water rolling past rocks and debris the stone's energy can help one continue on their path, regardless of obstacles. Its water energy also enhances self-esteem and a sense of self worth. The opal is said to help memory and decrease confusion. In the spiritual realm it is used for high energy vibrations, soothing turbulent emotions. Wow wow wow! Maybe the positive changes in my current life were not all due to angelic assistance. I take that back- perhaps an angel whispered in my ear "choose the opal".

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