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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Never give up

As I was getting ready to get in my car this morning on my way to exercise I happened to glance at one of the flower pots along my path. Last spring I had planted bedding plants with the hope that at least some of them would actually grow. That didn't happen as they died one by one. The drought we have been experiencing was just too much for them. I finally gave up and purchased a variety of silk flowers from the dollar store to at least have some color.

Lately it has rained some, but all I have seen in my front yard are weeds that seem to come up over night and are slowly turning the gravel green.

You can imagine my surprise when I noticed something purple in one of the pots this morning. Upon investigation I discovered it was a perfectly healthy petunia growing amongst the silk flowers. I wouldn't want you to take my word for it sooo...
Is that a universal message to never give up or what?


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