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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Who are you anyway?

I love it when all the little pieces start falling into place and I begin to see an entire puzzle. This week's "lesson" was about being authentically you.

It began when my Writing Camp partner and I had lunch at a local restaurant to talk over what had worked and what had not this year, in preparation for next year's camp. She was about to be seated when another customer greeted her with a hug saying she hadn't seen her in a long time. The woman also quietly shared, "I just lost my husband".

A little later my partner, B.J. said, " I have no idea who that woman was." We both smiled at her statement.

In the meantime another lady on the way in also greeted B.J. like a long lost friend. Soon she was back at our table with an apology because she had realized she had mistaken my partner for someone else. Again, it gave us something to smile about.

Another woman came into the restaurant with her husband whom I recognized from my past. I chose to ignore her presence. When I first met this woman, several years ago, she presented herself as a caring individual. Even though I had cause to doubt her authenticity, I believed her until she proved that my doubt was real. Now I want nothing to do with her negative ways.

Next an online friend who has had years of professional experience as a handwriting expert, made a comment that fit right in. He stated, "People don't always match their profile. In time they  reveal who they are. It starts with something not feeling congruent."

What he shared caught my attention because I know someone who exactly fits his statement. The man is like a study in opposites. What he says and what he does are entirely two different things. I am actually beginning to believe he seriously needs professional help of some kind.

The thought of not matching one's profile continued to stay in my mind to the point that I checked on my own Facebook profile to see if what it said was who I really am. Other than updating work related projects, I am happy to say I changed nothing.

In conclusion, who you see is who I am. I am not in hiding from anyone and I love attracting others, like my partner and friend B.J., who are also authentic souls.

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