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Friday, July 26, 2013

Not quite the me you see

In the last few months I have been spending time at out local nursing home as a volunteer. Every time I go to visit the residents I leave very grateful for my physical and mental health. Although there are days when I am sure some people question the latter!

Most of the residents of the home could not possibly care for themselves on a daily basis. To me the saddest to observe are those patients who are the victims of Alzheimer's. In my opinion it is the cruelest disease that anyone could have; not only for the patient, but for their family members. It robs the person of knowing who they are. It is extremely frustrating to carry on a conversation with an Alzheimer victim and requires an enormous amount of patience.

I recently ran across a list of 10 requests from an Alzheimer's Patient which I shared with the wife of a victim and asked her to pass it on to the activity director of the nursing home. Looking over the list caused her to sadly nod her head in agreement. I am passing the list on to my readers with the hope it will help others see the issue more clearly.

Please be patient with me. I am the helpless victim of a brain disease.

Talk to me. Even though I cannot always answer.

Be kind to me. Each day of my life is a desperate struggle.

Consider my feelings. They are still very much alive within me.

Treat me with dignity and respect. As I would have gladly treated you.

Remember my past. For I was once a healthy vibrant person.

Remember my present. For I am still living.  

Remember my future. Though it may seem bleak to you.

Pray for me. For I am a person who lingers in the mists of time.

Love me. And the gifts of love you give will be a blessing forever.


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